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A onestop shop is a place where you can buy everything you need for a particular purpose. A marvellous discovery for every bridetobe, The Wedding Centre is the ultimate onestop shop. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.Definition of show stopper: Action, condition, event, or problem (such as a court case) that is serious enough to halt an activity, program, or process until it is resolved. shop stoppers meaning

A one stop shop, one stop store or one stop source is a business or office where multiple services are offered; i. e. , customers can get all they need in just one stop .

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showstopper The most exceptional or memorable performance or item among others; a standout. Yeah, the opening act was a real showstopperthe headlining band was disappointing in comparison! All the pieces in the designer's collection were excellent, but the wedding dress was a real showstopper. put the stopper on (something) To stop, cease, or

But the real showstoppers were the duos who showed up on the carpet together to slay. Jennifer Lance, Glamour, The Cutest Dates on the Emmys 2018 Carpet, 17 Sep. 2018 The fadeaway takes the separation between shooter and stopper created by a stepback jump shot and supersizes it.

Onestop shop synonyms and Onestop shop antonyms. Top synonym for onestop shop (another word for onestop shop) is one stop store. onestop shop synonyms similar meaning 52. Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Parts of speech. nouns expressions Tags. store service shop

Liana Satenstein, Vogue, The 12 Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Rihanna Hops on the Clear Bag Trend, Lil Miquela Wears a Suit, and More, 23 June 2018 Sheela, now 68 and living in Switzerland, is the showstopper of the documentary and seems to have no regrets about her actions at

(Vulcan Perve Pinch) But ultimately it has come to an end with the Show Stopper . Similer to the other two, the 'show stopper' is a sexual maneuver made on the female of the Homo sapien sapien species by either a male or female of the same species (or possibly other primate).

Definition of stopper a plug for sealing a hole, especially in the neck of a bottle or other container. , a person or thing that halts or obstructs a spe

Reilly play guitarstrumming cowpokes with a taste for raunchy jokes but no home on the range, and Kevin Kline's exprivate eye Guy Noir now guards the stage door against all manner of threats, including tycoon and showstopper Tommy Lee Jones, who has come to bury rather than praise Keillor and gang.

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Onestop shop can refer to a specific location, meaning that all the business a client has can be carried out at that location.

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